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Sunday night boredom leads to making some stuff. Just a bit of some screenshots I’ve collected in the past few months from heartless jerks. Look at me living, you big fucking turds. (Side note: sad part is that there are so many more where these came from)

Everyone reblog this because it’s important to see how peoples attitude’s towards rape victims still are today. This was someone very close to me and this time it’s not just another thing getting passed around on the internet that you can easily distance yourself from, it’s very real to me.

Today is one year. Lots of messages and nice things have surrounded me today. It’s an odd feeling, being grateful for a shitty night. It’s molded me into a completely different person in one year.

READ THIS - TAKE IT ALL IN - Never let yourself be as ignorant and vile as some of the anons on tumblr.

People are disgusting. No one deserves to be violated.

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"so how is school going?"


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Basement // Canada Square

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Portrait of Cara Delevinge

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Taylor Swift Worldwide Livestream on Yahoo HD | August 18, 2014 PART 1

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